Komander Ground - Bombz

Komander Ground, one of Slovakia's toughest producers makes an almighty crossover to Audio Danger Records to represent some of his finest production to date. Combining the brute force of upfront jump up with a ton of superb vocals curiosity of Jimmy Danger, this EP bangs, and it bangs HARD.

‘Sparrow’ may have you thinking of a polite walk in the countryside but it’s certainly nothing of the sort. If sitting on the floor before jumping around like Sonic the Hedgehog on acid is your thing, then this really is going to get your blood rushing. Without a doubt a future anthem and one that’s going to explode at a festival.. Right.. About... Now.

Jimmy Danger sends 360 degree lick shots whilst Komander Ground fires off rounds of TNT with ‘Bombs Like This’. If you ever wanted a definition of merky, this would be it. Imagine full inspiration of early 2000’s jump up, crushing production techniques and relentless energy and you have this one summed up in an instant.

Sending for raw dogs with ‘The Wolves’. A combination of tonal assault, Clipz influences and pure hardstep beats. Somewhat of a different flavour for 2018 and no doubt a refreshing one! It’s not often an EP will showcase a variety of production styles so to switch into something like this is not only brave but also pretty bloody clever.

Wrapping up ‘Bombz’ with further ruffneck vocals from Jimmy Danger in the form of ‘Shiva’. This one is ruff, rugged and raw with a tough and snappy bass riff that will bang around the club relentlessly. End of days soon come? Certainly not in the form of Brexit.

Release Date: 13/08/18

Press Release, Online Promotion and DJ Mailer: Dubplate Creative

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