Kleu & Deefa MC - Scallywag EP

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Word on the street is that the dastardly duo Kleu and Deefa MC have both been up to no good again. Those cheeky little scallywags even had the cheek to sign some stinkin’ riddims to the Serial Killaz label and did they even ask permission from the Jungle Council? Course they bloody didn’t!

‘Scallywag’ hits hard like a double dose of whatever the local street corner dealer has been cooking up in his kitchen overnight. Full of naughty one liners from Deefa that reflects his deep yet dulcet tones to the max. It’s a moody affair so probably best to not forget your bally.. ‘7 Days Straight’ isn’t about pulling a full week's shift in the office, what you are getting here is ruffneck beats and bass to your ear plus some heavyweight vocal stabs thrown in for good measure.

‘Ronin’ chucks in some mashed up Amen breaks that have been filtered and twisted to the edge of their existence, once again complimented by Deefa firing shots left, right and center down the SM58. ‘Merlin’ takes more of an old fashioned Kleu kind of vibe, bordering on inducing epileptic fits across the dance floor and beyond.

Darkside business a run from start to finish. Hug the corners.

Artists: Kleu & Deefa MC

Release Date: 23rd July 2021

Label: Serial Killaz

Catalogue Number: KILLAZ076

Press Release: Dubplate Creative


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