King Yoof - Mi No Ramp | Lock Dem Off Again

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

The beats are banging and banging hard at Kartoons HQ and release 15 certainly demonstrates the diversity of the label as Nicky invites King Yoof and crew to the party.

‘Mi No Ramp’ is the ultimate love letter to Benny Page and fans of this upbeat, vibe soaked jump up style will no doubt appreciate this tune no end.

Featuring the vocal talents of Natty Campbell and his notorious dog bark alongside a ton of low end rolling bassline that supporters of the Kartoons label have come to expect.

Indirect shots a run in the form of ‘Lock Dem Off’ featuring Afgan Al. A grubby, dirty faced riddim that you would only dare to pull out in the grottiest of underground basement clubs. The notorious humming sublow bass sticks to the floor, refuses to move then grabs copious amounts of Nike Air Max and sucks them in.

You think this is nasty? Just wait to see what else Nicky has in store for 2019. We don’t stop here!

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