King Tubby & The Observer All Stars - Dubbing with the Observer - (Filip Motovunski Remix)

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Funk on a roll combined with some dastardly chord progression can only mean one thing - a Filip Motovunski relick and this one is a BANGER! Taking full control of the classic ‘Dubbing with the Observer’ by King Tubby & The Observer All Stars and twisting it up into a real cult classic is what we are doing right here, right now.

You may well recognise the lead hook to this track which has been kept intact only to be married up to a rip roaring bassline that musically wraps itself around your speakerbox, flooding a full on mix of good vibrations and trouser shaking feelings all at once.

A fine addition to the Jungle Cakes X Trojan remix project that really is showing no signs of stopping, and with such a huge back catalogue why on earth would we?

Artist: King Tubby & The Observer All Stars

Remix: Filip Motovunski

Release Date: 16th April 2021

Label: Jungle Cakes

Catalogue Number: JC123Single8

Press Release: Dubplate Creative


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