Jump Up Throw Down

Spend a few quid via Discogs and play some classic hip hop inspired jump up in your next DJ set. Single tracks include (in alphabetical order):

Aladdin - Woman That Rolls

Amazon II - King Of The Beats

Aphrodite - Tower Bass

Bluze Stealth Bones & The Godfather - Pressure Anthem

DJ Red - Enta The Dragon

DJ Zinc - Reach Out (Remix)

Dope Skillz - 6 Million Ways

E.P.S. Feat. 2 Vibe - Hype The Funk

Facs - Lessons

Freestylers - B-Boy Stance (Cut & Paste Remix)

Freestyles - Attack

Jungle Brothers - Jungle Brother (Urban Takeover Remix)

Knowledge & Wisdom - Ring Da Alarm

Micky Finn & Aphrodite - Drop Top Caddy

Prisoners Of Technology - Delikutt Beats (Future Funk Mix)

Sappo - Ding Dong Bass (Remix)

Swoosh - Ya Rockin

The Pressure Crew - Ready On The Left

UTI - I'm Finished

Sure you get anthems from the time such as DJ Red's 'Enta Da Dragon' and Zinc's 'Reach Out' remix however they are all full length and good quality. The compilation is worth bagging alone for 'Ready On The Left' which was a very overlooked jump up banger from '98 that, at the time, was only supported by a few DJs. Give it a bash!

It's worth noting that you can also still pick up this album on vinyl pretty cheaply too.

Here's the CD mix from Savage Samurai. Don't expect perfect mixing though, it's obviously been done in a rush.

Track listing for the mix:

#Section23 | #JumpUp


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