DJ Trace - Journey Into Jungle

DJ Trace was certainly well known for his smash hit remix of 'Babylon' on Dee Jay Recordings and the once legendary radio show on Kool FM alongside Ryme Tyme. He also produced a ton of tracks for Lucky Spin and for those lucky enough to remember, Trace created this absolute weapon back in 1993 which was heavily supported by each and every DJ across the hardcore scene and beyond.

If you're looking for an education into the many styles of jungle, then look no further than this brilliant DJ mix, accompanied effortlessly by MC Det.

"Into the jungle, we bringing the sound, jump up people moving it around. This one is the flex, you ready for that, you getting ready for this."

Disc 1

Track listing

1.01 Psykis: Pretend

1.02 In Between The Lines: We're Rolling

1.03 MA2 :Hearing Is Believing (Remix)

1.04 Trinity: Gangsta

1.05 Splash: Babylon (DJ Trace Remix)

1.06 Splash: Babylon

1.07 Lion Man: Wheel Up

1.08 DJ Trace Final Chapter (Rollers Mix)

1.09 Foul Play: The Stepper

1.10 L Double Little Rollers: Vol 1

1.11 Marvellous Cain: Hitman (DJ Hype Remix)

1.12 In Between The Lines: Rampage '95

1.13 DJ SS: United (Grooverider Remix)

1.14 Fokus: Brave New World

1.15 Photek: Play With The Sounds

1.16 Shy FX: Who Run 'Tings

Disc 2

Track listing

2.01 T.Power vs MK-Ultra: Mutant Jazz

2.02 Soundman & Don Lloydie: Greater Love

2.03 Majistrate: Tell Me

2.04 Cloud 9: Jazzmin

2.05 Loggi: I Don't Mind

2.06 Majistrate: Big 'Tings

2.07 Atomic Dog: Step Into Lite

2.08 Unknown Face & DJ NKS: Dats Cool

2.09 Atomic Dog: Break It Down

2.10 Ed Rush: The Force Is Electric (Remix)

2.11 MA2: Rollers Music (Recut Mix)

2.12 T.Power: Liberation

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