Nick The Lot - In Jamaica | Nightclub

Following on at light speed from Nick’s previous Jungle Cakes release, he’s already back at it with two future smashers for your ear. Both ‘In Jamaica’ and ‘Nightclub’ are fully supportive of his unique style and flavour, giving you two fresh beats for your ear.

You can’t have a Nick the Lot banger without some versatility and that’s exactly what this latest release represents. On one virtual side you have a flexed out, bouncer jungle roller that’s full of soul and positive energy. The flip providers a deeper ride that’s one hell of a stark contradiction and that’s why we love this kind of artist. Nothing is to be expected here and with ‘In Jamaica’ following the vibe you know and love from Jungle Cakes, you’re no doubt in for a surprise with ‘Nightclub’. Ever been in a dark club, surrounded by smoke and lazers? That’s exactly where you will find yourself listening to this one. Stick your head down and embrace it.


Artist: Nick The Lot

Release Date: Out Now

Catalogue Number: JC118

Label: Jungle Cakes

Press Release: Dubplate Creative