Jaxx - Inca Kola Rola | Macchu Pichu

Back just in time for the pending unlocking of the UK, Natty Dub slingshot a double A side release by label resident Jaxx to your ear and what a corker it is! Both ‘Inca Kola Rola’ and ‘Macchu Pichu’ contain that ever so important label formula of roots from the past and bang up to date production.

Take ‘Inca Kola Rola’ for example with its tribal breakbeat lead and flexed out bassline melody; perfect for any well-schooled MC to ride over the top of! It’s testament to Jaxx’s history in the scene and is, as you would expect, a rough and tough affair with silky smooth production.

‘Macchu Pichu’ grinds its gears from early, winding up like a compressed spring before jumping straight into action with a bang. It’s reversed Joker Records style lead will provide all kinds of 90’s feels to the point where you probably start remembering Flat Eric.. Keep an ear out for the cymbal ride in the break which just adds a touch of cheeky funk to the track.

Artist: Jaxx

Release Date: 28th May 2021

Label: Natty Dub Recordings

Catalogue Number: NATTY059

Press Release: Dubplate Creative