Jamie Bostron & Speaker Louis ft. Zen Lewis - Worldwide

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Ragga infused jungle is always a winning formula at the Jungle Cakes camp and ‘Worldwide’ by scene dominators Jamie Bostron, Speaker Louis and Zen Lewis is a fine example of how to do it properly.

For something that started in London way back in time, the now worldwide sound of jungle music is fully represented here with good vibes in abundance. There's certainly no denying the impact this talented collaboration can bring to the dancefloor; pure heat and then some!

Watch out for an iconic ring collection sample alongside some rough and ready kicks and snares, trademark driving basslines and of course, some fine lyrical delivery.

“Kill a soundboy, that’s a RIP..”

Artists: Jamie Bostron & Speaker Louis feat. Zen Lewis

Release Date: Out Now

Catalogue Number: JC148

Label: Jungle Cakes

Press Release: Dubplate Creative