Jam Thieves - Sativa EP

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

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One of the few artists on the drum and bass circuit to have really crafted his (yes solo now!) own sound from scratch has to be Jam Thieves and this killer 5 track EP presented by Serial Killaz is certainly testament to the ability to be both instantly recognisable and bloody good at the same time.

The ‘Sativa’ EP kicks your block off straight away with menacing chords and drums typical of this level of production. You will notice little cheeky stabs and effects all over the place which no doubt adds to the tension the title track creates plus that ever so wobbling bassline.

‘Paranoia’.. You what mate? Nah, not us. The ‘Simon Says’ sample is pretty god damn demanding here, just make sure you’re not following an MCs request to “sit down, sit down, sit doooooown’ during the drop. Some grand piano licks run forward into ‘Bizness’, complimented by some more snazzy breakbeats and a grotty old bassline with just a touch of distortion making it that perfect accessory to whatever Jam Thieves gets up to under the cover of darkness. ‘Heavy Duty’ has a kind of Robot Wars vibe going on so if you’re still into that kind of thing, it’s the perfect combination of mental destruction and flaming swords but in a musical form.

Closing the doors on the EP, Jam Thieves really went to town with ‘Situation’ and if you really want to appreciate the levels to this track, it’s very important to use some good monitors and a whopping great sub. We don’t mean a 10” either, save that for your pop and bass melodies. Check the vocal sample too while you’re at it.

Want to get serious about upfront jungle music? Cop this.

Artists: Jam Thieves

Release Date: 19th March 2021

Label: Serial Killaz

Catalogue Number: KILLAZ071DIG

Press Release: Dubplate Creative


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