Inna Culture - Blackjack EP

Jay Jay and Mark C, otherwise known as Inna Culture have certainly lived and breathed the rave scene from way back when. It’s no wonder then that the link up with Nicky Blackmarket’s Kartoons label sounds as it should with a wicked 4 track EP full of stripped back, no nonsense beats and bass. ‘Blackjack’ is set to cause mayhem for 2017.

The title track from the EP sets the funk overdose tone with rising vintage synth chords, aggressive bass stabs and bashing cymbal rides. Simple yet progressive, it’s the perfect introduction to Inna Culture’s jump up style and fashion.

‘Deckers’ kicks off with an unusual techno inspired scale progression before dropping into something straight out of 2004 that will really take you by surprise. Certainly one for the head nodders and speaker stack brigade alike that will instantly force some ultra quick feet shuffling.

Sticking with that hard nosed jump up style, Inna Culture unleash ‘Playa’. A mixture of hard step meets ‘96 jump up, it’s double vocal sample drops do the trick nicely. Combine that with a skippy rolling breakbeat and it’s the perfect combination for a reload.

Finishing off the ‘Blackjack’ EP with ‘Just Roll’ which nicely demonstrates the versatility of Inna Culture and is probably a bit of a flashback to some of their early production. Rolling simplistic breakbeats and fog horn inspired bass stabs create an almost darkside vibe that keeps on developing throughout.

Inna Culture really nailed this EP which totally fits with the vibe you all know and love from Kartoons. Bring forth the guillotine!


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