Highly Recommended L.P

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Released in 1995 and at the height of Formation Records popularity, this anticipated album featured a whole host of unreleased tracks and bonus DJ mixes from both DJ SS and DJ Ratty.

The obvious choice of the time was the 3 double sided vinyl release with a total of 12 choice cuts from the Formation camp. Thankfully SS knew the DJ market of the era and didn't do what so many others had done in the past and kept each side to just 2 tracks each rather than cramming in 4 or 5.

Many A list DJs prior to the release had been battering dubplates intended for the 'Highly Recommended' album which certainly created a level of excitement, especially as at the time, Formation Records were really at the top of their game.

'Highly Recommended' was certainly an album full of unreleased material with exclusive remixes and specials. Formation's biggest tune 'The Lighter' got a new piano intro and although not quite as iconic as the original, it certainly demanded a rewind or two.

'Black' was given the V.I.P treatment and many consider this to be the best version of the tune. It's iconic Warren G "V V V I I I P P P" vocals were as fresh as you could get back in the mid 90's and the deadly drop was nothing short of devastating.

Other classics to wheel and come again include L.P mixes of 'Rollidge', '95 Rampage' and 'Hearing is Believing'. Grooverider presented an absolute gem in the form of 'Jon Two', one of the tracks from the album that at the time, didn't get as much support as it should have.

If you choose to check out something slightly more unknown then Tekniq's 'The Bass' is well worth a shot.

Liked this? Check out the DJ SS and Warren G set from Dreamscape 20.


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