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Master of his craft, DJ Seduction was a huge pioneer in the UK rave scene and beyond. His label Impact Records was a buy on sight experience and shifted more vinyl across the world than most hardcore and happy hardcore labels of the time. Tons of the releases still stand the test of time, sounding just as fresh today as they did way, way back in the early to mid 90's. It's also worth keeping in mind that you can stream some of these via Spotify or Apple Music.

Hardcore Nation 2

This studio mix from Seduction was released in 2005, an obvious jump in time and style, however, represents a time where happy hardcore wasn't too silly. Certainly a mix for the car stereo on a summer day this one.

Track listing

1. Sy & Unknown - We're Rockin' This Place 2. Stu Allan - A Feeling (Seduction Remix) 3. Dougal & Gammer - Drop It 4. DeejayBee & Sketchy ft Lou Lou - Walk Away 5. DJ Seduction - Kick That Bass 6. Nukleuz Kollective pres Cortina - Take Me Higher (Sy & Unknown Remix) 7. DJ Seduction - Cross The Fader (Joey Riot Remix) 8. Flyin & Sparky - Just Gotta Dance (Stormtrooper Remix) 9. Gammer - That's How I Roll (Hardcore Nation 2 Remix) 10. Scott Brown - All About You 11. Seduction & Sy - The Devil 12. Nu Foundation - Takin' My Time 13. Angel Eyez - Twilight (DeejayBee & InEffect Remix) 14. Joey Riot vs. DJ Technotrance - Everynight 15. Slippery Project - Something Like This (Original Mix) 16. Seduction & Storm - Touch The Sky 17. SDG - Enjoy The Silence 18. Dougal & Gammer feat Lisa Marie - Open Your Eyes

Moving Forwards (or backwards?)

The 'Back to 91-93 Project' was a huge success for Seduction and his faithful creation of the classic sound can be heard in all it's glory below.

If you liked the sound of this, he's embarked on a 'Back to 92-94' project via Kickstarter which is certainly worth a look.

While we are on the subject of DJ Seduction, here are some of Section 23's favourite sets from this talented DJ and producer.

DJ Seduction Feat. MC Joker - Dreamscape 15 vs 16 (The Sanctuary, Milton Keynes)

DJ Seduction Feat. MCs Charlie B, Fearless & MC MC - United Dance (Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre)

DJ Seduction Feat. MC MC - Fantazia Presents The Big Bang (SEC Centre, Glasgow)

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