Gravit-E - Triple Shot EP

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Fresh from success on Twisted Individual’s Zombie Recordings and TJ’s Pick ‘n’ Mix label, Gravit-E keeps the release train rolling with this wicked 4 track EP featuring ‘Triple Shot’ and more.

It’s one hell of a continual onslaught of upfront drum and bass, combining influences from previous Kartoons release, flavours from the past and some brand spanking new ideas. Everything you could possibly want from an EP really!

Lead track ‘Triple Shot’ opens up with an enticing chord progression which swiftly develops into a murky roller, perfect for when the rain is coming down, muds all over your trainers and the speaker stack is booming. Minimal vibes a run with ‘Obsolete’ which is probably the reasoning for the track name - less is more here. Drone style bass stabs, classic underground breakbeat chops and plenty of head nodding.

‘Sax Machine’ harks back to the past with legendary James Brown vocals proving that jazz and bass is most certainly still alive in the scene. Big low end combined with skippy breaks and huge vibes. Wrapping things up with ‘Sphere Hunter’ which proves that long, single notes create the best type of speaker vibrations. Bass bin crew, this one you.

More to come from Gravit-E and Kartoons? Most certainly.

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Artist: Gravit-E

Catalogue Number: KARDIGI027

Release Date: 02nd October 2020

Label: Kartoons

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

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