Gravit-E - Elements EP

Way back in October 2020, Gravit-E released his ‘Triple Shot’ EP with us and since then he’s been on a one man mission to conquer the world of drum & bass music. Thankfully, he made time to put together another massive collection of tunes which all make up the ‘Elements’ EP. Everything you could possibly want and more from one of the UK's hottest new producers.

Title track vibes a run with sci-fi pads and atmospherics, linking in and out of trademark drums and off key single note bass stabs. It’s a wonky affair to say the least and one that will fit perfectly into a festival set, no doubt throwing the crowd and their jaws off guard.

‘Darkness’ is exactly that and more, embedding all sorts of moody vibes into the mix with its reverb soaked low end, creepy FX stabs and sweepers. A tune for the corner surfers, bar huggers and all of the ravers who just want to stick their head down in the dance.

‘Looking Back’ could well be aimed at the old school but is it? Probably not to be honest, however, it’s melodic female vocals fit right into place with the sharp as a knife bass swipes and arpeggiated synth patterns. Let’s call it brand new funk with a nod to the past yeah? All about the ‘Soul Train’ for a fresh approach at using wind instruments and guitar licks in drum & bass. It’s combined use of new era breakbeats and dulcet frequencies really pays off here, creating the ultimate concoction.

‘Turn Away’ wraps up the EP for Gravit-E, it’s bright and airy pads nice up any dance alongside pitched up vocal stabs, perfect for ending a set with the sun coming up, smiling at whoever is next to you and thanking your lucky stars we are all back where we belong - on the dance floor.

Artist: Gravit-E

Catalogue Number: KARDIGI035

Release Date: 24th September 2021

Label: Kartoons

Press Release: Dubplate Creative


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