Gentlemens Club - Want U (Upgrade Remix)

The original version of 'Want U' by Gentlemens Club received a warm welcome online when UKF featured it last month. It would seem that dubstep never really went away, it more or less went back underground to do some reinvention (or to get away from 1,000's of copycat commercial swines) and now it's bringing real heat once again. This release is certainly testament to that.

Moving forward with 'Want U' is this brand new banger from jump up's man of the moment, Upgrade. Combining a relentless breakbeat intro, vocals ripped from the original and clever filtering sweeps it's a lead straight into head nodding, bass ass jump up. Signature bassline keys cut through skippy kicks and snares that force you to nod your head in such a furious manner that, potentially, your eyeballs may fall out.

Ideally this relick should come with a health warning, that or a coupe of pirate eye patches.

Bag a copy via your chosen download outlet here.

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