Furniss Feat. MC Spyda - Creeping

“Raise up your lighters in the sky real high” is a line every self respecting junglist knows all too well and if you know your upfront beats then this lyric has already been fixed into your brain for eternity. We are, of course, talking about the original ‘Creeping’ by Furniss featuring legendary mic man Spyda. It’s release in 2018 saw it blaze the download charts and was certainly a standout track the Serial Killaz compilation ‘The Mixtape Volume 2’.

The 2019 Serial Killaz remix takes the vocals and vibes of the original, puts them into a big mixing pot and outputs a ‘Walk and Skank’ affair of epic proportion. It’s no let up attitude means this rework is certainly taking no prisoners on the dancefloor and some may say, it's begging for a double drop to add another dimension of weight to it.

Spyda certainly continues to showcase why he’s so influential to all generations and his unique lyrical delivery certainly cannot be compared.

In true upfront jungle style the remix fits perfectly into any location and any situation. Leave the original for grotty 4am dances for that ultimate pick up.

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Artists: Furniss & MC Spyda

Remix: Serial Killaz

Release Date: 29th November 2019

Label: Serial Killaz

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

#SerialKillaz | #Furniss | #MCSpyda