FreezeUK - Harry Palmer EP

Updated: Feb 28

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Nicky Blackmarket’s Kartoons is verging on its 40th digital release and with this banging EP from newcomer FreezeUK, it’s a fine way to almost step into that magic number. This one features a wicked colab with Blackmarket himself, check it out!

‘Coming Up’ kicks off the self-titled EP, bringing with it a ton of jump up vibes and a breakbeat so hard, it's going to cause a lot of RSI across the dance. ‘Disco Devil’ twists and turns through the motions with an array of pads and FX before dropping into one legendary vocal sample which in turn, flips into destruction mode - this one goes HARD! Special business with ‘Harry Palmer’ alongside Blackmarket so you already know this one is going to be extra hot! Rough and tough from the off with a sprinkle of Nicky’s charm under the hood.

‘Love Me, Touch Me, Feel Me’ sounds like an interesting title but wait till you hear what FreezeUK has been up to with the sampler.. Big old school vibes! Add that with a devastating drop and you have a perfect battle weapon. Hyn and Viridity link up for the final track bringing a totally different feel to proceedings. Flexed out breaks, silky vox and hammering low end mix things up to another level. Heavyweight.

Press Release: Dubplate Creative