Filth Camp - Start It Again

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Filth Camp come correct with this double A side banger for Kartoons featuring a very special lick for the old school. Juiceman, Ricochet and Dungun Beats have a deep history in the jungle scene, let alone the world of drum and bass so it comes as no surprise as to why Nicky’s signed these heavyweight bangers.

‘Skeng’ is typical of Filthy Camp; it’s grotty bassline filters through into dark synth stabs, continuously rolling breakbeats and intermittent vocal licks.

Picture Juiceman bringing down the house at Hysteria circa ‘95, a packed venue full of blackness, weed smoke and the occasional deodorant burner and you have this track under wraps.

Flicking the time machine switch way, way back to the early 90’s with ‘Start It Again’. A vocal sample so legendary that every self respecting hardcore junglist will instantly recognise. It’s use here is respectful to the art with crashing Amen breaks, rave drones and crumbling sub bass. A fine update if there ever was one!

If you like your jungle dark then keep an eye out for this talented collective. Fire for dem.

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Release Date: 28th October 2019

#Kartoons | #MCJuiceman