Exile & Mark XTC - Back 2 The New Skool EP

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Mark XTC and Exile are back at it again with their New Skool EP series. The first EP featured one of the biggest drum and bass anthems of the year ‘Take Me Away’ which is still shelling down raves across the world so expect big things from the second instalment.

‘Soothes My Soul’... you don’t even need a prompt regarding this vocal. Think early happy hardcore meets Serial Killaz style upfront jungle and you’re onto a winner here. If Slipmatt isn’t playing this in 2030 then... I’m sure he will be. A perfect example of how to cross over genres and make it work. What next, event promoters bringing back multiple genres in one arena? We can but dream.

Late 90’s house vibes and some clever time stretching feature on ‘Burning Up’. Certainly more of a tribute than a bootleg, this one kicks off with some lovely pad work, one hell of an iconic vocal and unexpected grotty basslines. It works well and delivers a solid punch in the gut and some hands in the air moments all at once. Magical.

If acid vibes are your thing then ‘Morse Code’ would certainly fit into a clash between bleeps and drum and bass. Marc and Exile fired up their MC-3030 for this one, circuit bent the hell out of it and added a vacuum bass motor for fun.

It’s no doubt the intro of ‘Oh Yeah’ harks back to the good old days of Mark XTC’s production career with superb breakbeats and memorable vocal stabs. It’s not only a love letter to ‘95 but a shout to 2020 in respect of the styles and flavours yet to come. Twisted basslines come to do serious damage here so watch your sub levels.

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Artists: Mark XTC and Exile

Release Date: 21st February 2020

Label: Serial Killaz

Catalogue Number: KILLAZ061DIG

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

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