Erritate - Garden Tune EP

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

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Monk Audio’s Erritate links up with microphone veteran Jimmy Danger and Section 23 for his ‘Garden Tune’ EP. Certainly not written behind his gaff in the rain, this heavy dose of drum and bass pressure is a true representation into the mind of a drum and bass producer that’s tampered with every glass jar stored in the shed, no matter how cloudy.

Mind warping vibes a run on the EP’s title track which, when combined with Danger’s vocals, makes one hell of a special treat. It’s off the mark broken breakbeats twist in and out of rhymes about bad news on the telly, moonwalking on thin ice and watering the grass. Close your eyes and feel the buzz.

‘Strange Seeings’ provides an instant flashback to early events of time tripping. It’s clever use of mid range bass riffs and rumbling low hertz will no doubt tip off a variety of train spotters but what’s important to remember here is that Erritate never complies with rules and guidelines.

A nod to many days hitting up derelict walls, abandoned trains and even the odd roller shutter with a touch of spray paint, the tune we like to call ‘MTN 94’ swaps name tags for extra snares and believe us when we say they are in abundance here.

Sod it, have a few extra kicks in the breakbeat too. It’s a crush then down style roller that takes no prisoners and leaves no trace, no dust sheets and certainly no spillage.

Finishing things up, the dub version of ‘Garden Tune’ is included for those that don’t like MCs over tunes - we all know a few of them...

Artist: Erritate

Vocals: Jimmy Danger

Release Date: 16th October 2020

Catalogue Number: S23DIGI003

Label: Section 23

Press Release: Dubplate Creative


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