Erritate - Airdresser EP

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

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Fresh from success alongside Jimmy Danger with the ‘Garden Tune’ EP, Erritate brings forth another slammin’ release via Section 23 full of hard stepping beats and bass, this time around with a fresh injection of old school vibes.

‘Airdresser’ has nothing to do with sticking your head in one of those 80’s style hair vacum things, only found when visiting the hairdresser with the misses. What it is, however, is a monster of a track following in the footsteps of ‘Strange Seeings’. Rough, rugged and raw and without a doubt one for the MCs to roll through. Drop this anywhere in a DJ set and watch heads virtually fly all over the place.

Slip back in time with ‘Memorex’, a track so full of vibes from the past that you would think it was time to don the white gloves and Nike poppers, that is until the nasty bassline kicks in and it’s a full on smash anything up that's close by type affair. Deadly, even without a whiff of Vicks VapoRub.

Flip your virtual pressing to the B side and what you will find is ‘Shaka’. Rumour has it that Erriate produced this on a remote island, riding on the back of tigers which probably answers your questions as to how he made such an authentic tribal riddim’. One for the head shakers, head nodders and anyone else with an elastic neck.

Watch out for the vocal version of ‘Shaka’ in 2021.

Artist: Erritate

Release Date: 08th January 2021

Catalogue Number: S23DIGI004

Label: Section 23

Press Release: Dubplate Creative


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