Ed Solo & Bengal - Sofa Skank

An international link up of epic proportions as Ed Solo teams up with Bengal for the single sided ‘Sofa Skank’ providing the ultimate drive by track of 2020. Almost unintentionally produced to go hand in hand with any type of racing video game, this subliminal cruiser is as flexed out as it is vibey. The underlined chord progression keeps things grounded while Ed Solo’s trademark tough breakbeats keep your trainers shuffling (unless you’re sitting on your sofa, maybe take them off). If this track suggests more to come then there should be no reason whatsoever why an EP couldn’t be on the cards for the future.

A certain nod to Peshay inside the ride.

Artist: Ed Solo & Bengal

Release Date: Out Now

Label: Gorilla Warfare

Catalogue Number: GW016

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

#GorillaWarfare | #EdSolo | #Bengal


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