Dutta & Ly Da Buddah - Strawberry Dawg | The 80's

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Ly Da Buddah makes his welcome return to Kartoons and brings his mate Dutta along for the ride with this double A sided release of both ‘Strawberry Dawg’ and ‘The 80’s’.

As you would expect from Ly Da Buddah, both tracks have his instantly recognisable sound which is only complimented by Dutta’s input. ‘Strawberry Dawg’ strips back the funkula sound of the past, slaps a huge mid range bassline in the middle and comes out the other end with a superb mixture of feel good upfront jump up.

‘The 80’s’ is certainly no Calvin Harris commercial chart topper, however, follows the vibe of ‘Strawberry Dawg’ with its funk influences and scatty basslines. What gives this one instant appeal is the overall pace of the track, a relentless head nodder from start to finish with no rest, water breaks or pauses to tie your laces.

Ly Da Buddah and Dutta are both masters of their craft and when they come together on a Kartoons release, you know it’s going to be nothing short of fire from the trumpets.

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Artists: Ly Da Buddah & Dutta

Release Date: 06th April 2020

Label: Kartoons

Catalogue Number: KARDIGI023

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

#Kartoons | #Dutta | #LyDaBuddah


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