Dungeon Kru - Genesis

Dungeon Kru bring forth a huge slap to the face with their new EP via Liondub International. A 5 track onslaught of original jump up vibes from the 90's that do a bloody good job of representing what's current in 2020 and beyond. With a distinct take on moving things forward, this is certainly one big release to watch out for.

'Pushing' does exactly what it says on the ID tag. Dungeon Kru have taken their own individual influences and created a monster with this one.

The "pushing crack like we invented it" sample is reminiscent of '96 jump up which as you probably know, was heavily based around 80's hip hop vocals.

'Dead Tonight' taken on a different vibe with a ton of ragga infused vibes and FX. The lead bass is without a doubt cranky, wrapping itself around the female lead vocal like a pissed off sound engineer. Stick this one on in a dilapidated wood cabin in the middle of a forest and watch the results unfold. The same could be said for 'Shake Ya Bumpa' to some extent. Another horror movie themed corpse killer which certainly won't clear the dance floor, but will send a shiver down your spine..

'Impossible' works on the basis of experimental techniques, chucking industrial grade production into the mix which in turn, bangs out a weighty selection. One for the speaker box gang.

Finally 'Do It Again' wraps up the EP with explosive impact. This could have well been the flip of 'Pushing' should it have been released on vinyl, either in 2020 or back in time. Heck, this certainly could have been a release in 1996 and it would have sold by the bucket load. That's not to say it sounds old though, far from it.

Exclusive promo on this one from Section 23.

If now was the time to develop the jump up rolling sound of 2019, this is the EP to represent.

A solid 8/10


Artist: Dungeon Kru

Release Date: 16th March 2020

Label: Liondub International

Catalogue Number: LNDB039

Review: Dubplate Creative

#Liondub | #DungeonKru


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