Dr Meaker & Krucial - War Start | Dem Nuh Know

Kartoons bring forth some junglist flavour for release 18 as Dr Meaker and Krucial are joined by the legendary RTC and vocalist Mr Lexx. A double A side affair of gas burning vibes which will have the hair of your neighbouring raver torched in seconds. Time to flash up your lighter.

‘War Start’ has a funky kind of Korg M1 vibe going on that makes it a pretty memorable affair and one that you will be humming for days. Combine that with licks of passionate vocals from both the twins and Mr Lexx and what we have here is a huge slice of good vibes. Who said anything about a war?

If you have ever asked “who on earth are RTC?” you’re probably going to embrace ‘Dem Nuh Know’ somewhat. As if you really needed an introduction though as these pioneers have been around way before the birth of jungle. Hard stepping beats from Dr Meaker and Krucial provide the perfect backdrop for this lyrically driven infectious riddim. Heavy.

Release Date: 30/09/2019

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

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