Dr Meaker - Atoms EP

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Drum and bass saviour and all round nice guy Dr Meaker invites Fizzy Gillespie and Tlya X AN along for the ride on his brand new ‘Atoms’ EP. A collection of 4 jam packed tunes full of that classic Meaker concoction of good vibes, heavy basslines and crazy production techniques. Play this one straight through and you will see exactly why it’s received its name. Energy, energy, energy!

‘We’re Going Spooky’ slaps the tone of the EP at full throttle, combining silky smooth organ keys with bouncy breakbeats before almost self combusting in an arpeggiated frenzy of synth stabs and hectic low end. Utterly bonkers to write about, however, stick it on and let yourself go. Familiar vibes a run with ‘Champion Killa’. A prime entry into the Jungle Cakes catalogue, full of roots and culture and one tune that will certainly appeal to every single die hard upfront junglist.

‘Atoms Vibrating’ featuring Fizzy Gillespie will do its best to shake off any drink from the speaker stack and if played at the right volume, will probably vibrate your eyeballs to the point of blurred vision. We kid you not when we say this is more than just a trouser shaker. Drawing on Meaker’s many musical roots, the final track from the EP ‘She’s Not The Same’ features the effortless vocal talent of Tlya X AN. A great mix of commercial crossover vibes, upfront beats and intertwining melodies. Certainly one to hear performed live, if and when possible.

If a mix of styles and flavours is your bag, you are certainly in for a treat with this EP.

Artists: Dr Meaker, Fizzy Gillespie & Tlya X AN

Release Date: 08th January 2021

Catalogue Number: JC132

Label: Jungle Cakes

Press Release: Dubplate Creative