Dope Ammo & Mix Ten Feat. Jasmine Knight - How Did It Go Down

Dope Ammo and Mix Ten are on one serious link up with Nicky Blackmarket’s Kartoons label. Not only did they bring legendary vocalist Jasmin Knight to the party but also a whole host of remix producers. It’s a package only Dope Ammo and Blackmarket could conjure up and the diversity on offer is certainly one of a kind.

Original Mix

Both Dope Ammo and Mix Ten simply shine alongside Jasmin Knight and the original provides plenty of commercial crossover whilst retaining a huge element of dancefloor pressure. It’s no doubt one for the car and one for the festivals alike. Sublow Hz retains the big area vibes and adds a ton of mid range gritty bass to the mix, making what was once a pretty safe affair, seem more of an attack on the senses.

Jamie S23 reverts back to ‘96, chopping up vocals like a shredder on max output whilst rocking an MA2 bomber jacket in the process. Relative newcomer to the scene, Max Baker demonstrates that you don’t have to be born in the 90’s to represent the ethos of Kartoons and does a fine job about it to boot. Wrapping up this release, AN chuck a technical hard stepper into the mix, growling and twisting through Knight’s silky smooth vocals.

Looking for different mixes to represent the mood of the dance? Look no further.

Sublow Hz Remix

Jamie S23 Remix

Max Baker Remix

AN (Alexander Norman) Remix

Artist: Dope Ammo & Mix Ten

Vocals: Jasmine Knight

Remixes: Sublow Hz, Jamie S23, Max Baker, AN

Catalogue Number: KARDIGI026

Release Date: 04th September 2020

Label: Kartoons

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

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