Dope Ammo - Influences (Remixes Part 2)

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Dope Ammo is certainly an unstoppable release machine this year and as we approach the end of 2019, he shows no signs of slowing down. Incoming remixes from the ‘Influence’ album featuring Levela, Blackley, Brian Brainstorm and Exile. We are going in!

Levela brings forth a clever mix of upfront jungle vibes crossed with grizzly low end, a perfect combination for a relick of ‘Badman Inna My Ends’. The memorable lyrics thrown down by Redders ride the new beat structure effortlessly which is certain praise to both lyricist and producer alike.

‘How We Get Down’ gets the Blackley treatment. A bouncy, hands in the air affair that pays respect to the original well. Driven predominantly by synth chords, squelch bass and interlinked with the original Jasmine Knight vocals, it’s certainly a contender for radio airplay.

Brian Brainstorm pays homage to his roots with a spectacular jungle takedown for the remix of ‘Flying’.

Rough and tough breakbeats, rumbling low end and all kinds of clever fills create a one off trip to the 1994. It’s as if the original was made for this!

Exile delivers a predictably tough remix of Dope Ammo’s well supported ‘Wishin’ On A Star’ cover with flamethrower bass shots that will no doubt lick down heads across the globe. He also casually chucks in a few wicked breakbeats and old school stabs which compliment his rework nicely.

Another fine package from the Dope Ammo stable.

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Artists: Dope Ammo, Run Tings Crew, Redders, Jasmine Knight, DJ Panik, Anomy, Yemi Bolatiwa, Gigante MC, Rio Hellyer.

Remix Credits: Levela, Blackley, Brain Brainstorm, Exile

Release Date: 04th November 2019

Label: Dope Ammo

Catalogue Number: DAINFRX02

Press Release: Dubplate Creative