Dope Ammo - Influence Remix EP Part 3

The popularity of Dope Ammo’s remix series in 2019 was nothing short of phenomenal so when part 3 arrives in your inbox, you know it’s going to be pure fire. This time around he has invited the likes of Benny Page, Zero G, Audiomission and Sublow HZ meaning no one checking this release is going to be disappointed.

‘Wishin’ on a Star’ gets the VIP treatment by upfront jungle celebrities Benny Page and Zero G, not forgetting Dope Ammo who makes this version something of ‘three the hard way’. True to form old school rave stabs, chopped up breaks plus the ever so captivating vocals by Rio Hellyer. It’s a tidy lick which no doubt compliments the original.

Audiomission brings forth his own take on 90’s rave influenced jungle with the remix of ‘Take Me Back’. Remember the Korg M1 pianos of ‘92? If so, you’re in for a treat here. Stripped back nasty bass, simplistic beats, epic chords and glossy vocals. A real treat.

Dope Ammo, Broomers, Sentenza, Yemi Bolatiwa and Gigantic MC come together for a collective mixing pot courtesy of Sublow HZ and what a blend he gives to ‘Stir It Up’. Jungle warfare is certainly an accurate description here with crashing breaks and classic reverse bass notes.

Signing off part 3, Dope Ammo provides a special remix to ‘Risky Business’. Certainly aimed at the head nodding crew, this stipped back lick is perfect for 6am moterway missions, recovery Sunday’s and everything in between.

Versatile as they come..

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Artists: Dope Ammo, Broomers, Sentenza, Yemi Bolatiwa and Gigantic MC

Remix Credits: Dope Ammo, Rio Hellyer, Benny Page, Zero G, Audiomission and Sublow HZ

Release Date: 28th February 2020

Label: Dope Ammo

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

#DopeAmmo | #BennyPage


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