DJ Stretch - The Spesh

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

Ah.. the good old days of sensible jump up drum and bass. A time where decent bootlegs were commonplace, basslines contained low end frequencies and 16 bars were more than a copy and paste job. Thankfully fans of this era can once again rejoice as Nicky Blackmarket’s legendary Kartoons label has done you all the favour of re-releasing Stretch’s ‘The Spesh’ as well as chucking in 2 bloodclaat remixes.

Stretch has teamed up with Jedi Hi-Fi to bring a second take on his ‘98 smasher featuring an array of mashed up breakbeats, an abundance of familiar samples and a proper, sublow, bone crushing bassline.

It’s jungle, but not quite as we know it and can really only be achieved if you are from a certain pedigree. Big Pun sends lick shots.

To further benefit this release, System X & Nicky Blackmarket produce an infectious monster of a remix. It’s ruffer snares and constant shakers are a solid foundation to further the effects of the original which gives that extra lick of paint. The underwater bass bubbles away like a boiling pot of lava which doesn’t ever seem to cool down. Ruffneck!

Bonus beats incoming as this release also includes a wicked remaster courtesy of Stretch.

Kartoons took a while on this one, mainly because the original was so special. It was certainly worth the wait.



Press Release, Online Promotion and DJ Mailer: Dubplate Creative


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