DJ Ruffstuff - Danger Time | Keep The Faith

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

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Blackmarket’s Kartoons brand is back with a fully loaded clip for 2019 and it’s first installment comes in nothing short of militant fashion courtesy of the one like DJ Ruffstuff.

A name familiar with all corners of the drum and bass scene and certainly someone who has been flying the global flag for many, many years. Incoming with DJ friendly intros!

‘Danger Time’ is one hell of a hardstep stomper; flinging earworm bass direct to your ear and causing a storm whenever it’s dropped. Its constant stabbing low end combined with clean, crisp drums is no doubt the definition of jump up at its finest.

Flipping the script with ‘Keep The Faith’ and its melodic, haunting intro. Ruffstuff certainly got the memo from Nicky to switch up the styles and this alternate riddim’ is nothing short of certified.

If you have managed to witness any of Nicky’s recent sets, you will have no doubt heard both of these tracks doing major damage. Don’t sleep because Kartoons 15 is around the corner.