DJ Profile - Third Dimension EP

It’s official that foghorns are about as dead as Dominic Cummings' career in politics. Thankfully a fine replacement to the craze is being championed in full effect by DJ Profile so if you loved the early 2000’s era of jump up drum and bass, then the ‘Third Dimension’ EP is going straight on your hit list.

The joint collaboration of Profile and Sub Killaz has created something of a monster with the title track. It’s brash midrange bass melody drives the tune literally into hyperspace before crash landing on another planet, kicking down satellites left, right and centre. Tough as nails kicks and snares mop up anything left alive. Ruthless.

Profile takes control of the buttons for both ‘Champion’ and ‘Soundclash’ and really shows off how versatile and experienced he is as a producer. You already know the vocal samples used here, just make sure your head is up high and you’re walking and talking like a champion. Chuck in a hint of ragga jungle vibes with a few classic breakbeats and knocking sub frequencies - job done. The final track is a crushing jump up affair of robotic tones combined with a solid low end plus a fine selection of pads to break up your trip.

Jump up from 2007 with a no fucks given 2020 attitude.

Artists: Profile and Sub Killaz

Release Date: 11th December 2020

Label: Jump Up Cave

Press Release: Dubplate Creative