DJ Phantasy X Doktor - Junglist

You all remember 2013 and Sigma's 'Rudeboy' track featuring Doktor? Those almost iconic lyrics created one of the years few anthems and was certainly supported both underground and throughout the commercial scene. Even DJ Hype supported the remix in his wicked Irregular Jungle mix.

Phantasy obviously needs no introduction and with roots far deeper than the jungle scene itself it's a wonder he's actually taken this long to get back into the studio to produce something this sensible. He's certainly one of the scenes overlooked influences as far as his length of service, however, this is somewhat deliberate for fear of being branded an 'old school DJ'.

'Junglist' is, as expected, a nod to any self respecting lover of the genre and with a welcome supply of various breaks rather than just a typical Amen slapped on a loop, Phantasy and Doktor have come up trumps with this ever so slightly late to the party dance floor anthem.

Infectious lyrics and clever production combined, 'Junglist' is a true to form and certainly testament to the levels of dedication and no doubt hours spent perfecting this memorable track.

It should be noted however, that no matter how low you reduce a channel strip featuring a god awful air horn, someone, somewhere will always hear it and wonder why the hell the producer added it in the first place.

A big tune from the Viper camp, fingers crossed Phantasy brings forth some more of this flavour in 2019 and beyond.

Bag a copy.

Three Generations Deep is out 30th September. Make sure you bag a copy of that book!


Need some education in old Phantasy sets? Check this one out from Dreamscape 15 vs 16.


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