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Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Text duplicated from an interview with DJ Hype way back in June 1993 by Blaze Magazine.

To start off with I would like to mention that more and more places that I play are using shitty sound systems. Being a DJ that scratches and mixes it up pretty madly, I’m finding it very difficult to perform properly everywhere I play. An incident in the North of England resulted in me going on the microphone and cussing the sound man for having a shit system. Promoters spend money on flashy flyers that tell you that the 50K Turbo system of your dreams will bass up the place and you get there and find yourself being able to talk louder than the music that is playing.

Also turntables (with decent needles and cartridges), a good loud monitor and a mixer with a crossfader that works is needed so that the DJ can perform properly. So many times I get to a club where they bill me on the flyer as being a scratch master or mega mixer. So when I get there a crowd gathers to watch me scratch but because the needles are not set properly or the monitors are rubbish I can’t let off properly. I don’t like to blame the equipment but such is life.

Respect to the promoters that do make the effort and to the rest I say sort it out.

Sticking with the bad, I notice so many magazines still insist on slagging hardcore in one way or another. Whether or not they do it by slagging the music, the raves or the ravers the are hell bent on telling the world that rave is dead. What a load of bollocks!

To start off with, the raves are still going strong, as I am sure you all know. In London alone there are about 10 regular kickin’ venues that run all weekend, every week, all year round. With also numerous one off events and new clubs opening all the time. So who told you nobody raves? They also say the music isn’t selling, well speaking for myself and numerous other artists that I know we are all doing very nicely thank you very much. A lot of people earn a living out of the scene one way or another. So stop slagging it and try to report on it in a positive way other shut your fucking mouths!

Now on to the good side

As mentioned above, clubs that are still doing it get my respect! Contrary to popular belief there are still loads out there with a buzzing atmosphere to match the bassline. Respect.

I am currently in the middle of working on my follow up single to ‘Shot In The Dark’ which will feature 2 fresh tracks and 2 remixes. I have so far completed 1 track entitled ‘Hard Swing’ and 1 remix of ‘Weird Energy’.

Also, there will be a Johnny Jungle remix of ‘The Chopper’ and by the time you read this I should have completed all tracks ready for release scheduled for mid July.

Finally a shout to Suburban Base, Ultimate Management, De Underground, Sponge, Pascal and Ray (stop saying smashed it) Keith.

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