DJ Hybrid - Battle Skillz

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

DJ Hybrid and friends present a swift roundhouse to the back of the neck with ‘Battle Skillz’, a full on attack to the nervous system delivered by Serial Killaz.

Immerse yourself in frontal assault as the title track delivers 50,000 watts of damage. The simplistic breakbeat combination synchronises effortlessly with gnarly bass notes, reloading glocks and rough and tough vocal snippets. Steppas rejoice as this is exactly what you have been waiting for!

Hybrid links with Replicant for ‘Tell You’ - a tonal affair of bass reverb, dreamy pads and elements of ‘94 jungle that wasn’t be a miss at your local warehouse rave. Battling with sleep deprivation is certainly a cause for concern and ‘Insomnia’ drives these issues home by way of a ton of sonic twists and turns, bassline risers and sneaky breakbeats.

Altering your sense of direction in the form of ‘Push’. An off key, out of step beast that would certainly fit with the original 3 beat style. Experimental to the core and a tough beast to tame. ‘Watch This’ delivers a special treat in the form of real low end sub bass carefully wrapped around Serial Killaz style vocal stabs, delay soaked keys and Bristol influenced beats.

My Selecta finishes off the battle alongside DJ Hybrid for a final round of trap influenced snare hits that will no doubt cause an influx of head nodding, side shaking and brain vibrating motions. It’s pitch bent low end provided an additional blow to the skull. Finish him. Press release: Dubplate Creative