DJ Food Junky - M25 Promo Tape (1993)

"Getting funky with the junky" was no doubt a phrase that some die hard Dance Paradise fans will remember from way, way, way back when. Food Junky was certainly a staple of tape packs from plenty of early 90's raves, his popular sets were often supported and certainly held in the same esteem as the likes of Slipmatt and Grooverider.

This rare gem from 1993 wasn't one in direct circulation, in fact it was a promotional tape put together by Food Junky to promote his diverse DJ selection. One side featured the more happier tracks of '93, the flip representing a new jungle sound. If you play this in 2020, you may struggle to pick out too many 'happy' tunes if you're comparing it to the happy hardcore sound of '95, however, it's certainly a great example of what was going down at the time.

Listen out for a short debut from Food Junky on the mic too..

Happy Mix

Jungle Mix

A classic set featuring the legendary Stevie Hyper D, DJ SL and Five-O.

And a timeless one from Dance Paradise.

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