Dez - Dub Organizer EP

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Dez and Serial Killaz have a great history together although he’s been slightly absent as of recent times. He’s kind of like the long lost uncle who now and again turns up out of nowhere, laden with dubplates which is exactly the kind of relative we like! Dez certainly lived up to expectations this time around with a weighty selection of 4 upfront jungle smashers for his ‘Dub Organizer’ EP.

Laced with Rodigan vocal shots and covered in reggae hooks, the lead tune ‘Dubplate’ takes a normal sub bass and reduces the threshold to below sea level.

You would think with this level of low end Dez has some kind of superhuman hearing - that or a few SubPac’s strapped to his chest!

The title track ‘Dub Organizer’ rolls out huge chunks of beats, bass and vocals following the EPs theme of utter speaker devastation. ‘Shine Eye Girl’ throws out a lovely short of breath snare that perfectly slaps heads all over the dance. It also breaks through the mix to perfection, adding a certainly flair to the rumbling low end bass.

Locking things off with ‘Sound System’. A tune quite dissimilar to the previous 3 yet not out of place as you may be assuming. Technical switches in abundance and one potentially aimed as the crews taking it that little bit easier. We rollin’.

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Artist: Dez

Release Date: 08th November 2019

Label: Serial Killaz

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

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