Deploy - Isolation EP

Dance Concept has had a steady stream of releases in 2019 and this EP by Deploy is another fine example of the labels diversity and pace.

'You Know' has been supported well on dub and will no doubt do well as a single from this EP. It's bright synth notes and rip roaring bassline combine effortlessly in a kind of Hospital Records meets RAM hot pot. Certainly one to watch out for in the dance.

'The Omen' had label boss Benny V nodding his head prior to signing, so much so that he probably had to pop on a neck brace. It's certainly got a dark side vibe to it that can only really be created by this style of jungle meets drum and bass. Chuck is an air of mystery by way of clunky piano chords and you're onto a winner here.

The title track 'Isolation' harks back to 1999 and the glory days of One Nation with it's rubber band style bassline and fierce drum programming. That wide open synth chord is simply beautiful.

'Reload' is a tech steppers dream with disjointed breaks and off beat fills. Grotty bass notes and the occasional stab bring all kinds of vibes back from The End and beyond.


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