Deekline & Specimen A - Get Lucky (Album)

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Smashing out an incredible amount of studio time, Deekline and Specimen A have been hard at work creating the masterpiece that is ‘Get Lucky’ the album. Featuring a total of 15 hard hitting drum and bass tracks, each with their own distinctive style plus a whole array of guest vocalists. From label regulars Sweetie Irie and Deemas J to jungle microphone champions Navigator, B Live and MC Dett plus Ivory, Killa P, Warrior Queen and Kym. You’re certainly spoilt for choice here!

Style wise, it’s that upfront, no hold barred upfront jungle sound that Jungle Cakes have certainly stuck with over the years. So much so that you can no doubt tell a release from this well established label a mile off. Pre-release favourites include ‘Kill That Sound’ alongside Brian Brainstorm, ‘Ride Pon It’ and ‘Mosh Pit’ although every single damn thing is worth checking out!

No doubt influenced by dancehall, jungle roots and the sound of 2020, it’s one big offering that, when played in order, really takes you on a sonic trip. Nothing short of influential.

Album Lead Artists: Deekline & Specimen A

Release Date: Pending

Catalogue Number: JC105Album

Label: Jungle Cakes

Press Release: Dubplate Creative


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