Deekline & Specimen A - Get Lucky

Gorilla Warfare have rebooted the release schedule with ‘Get Lucky’ by none other than Deekline & Specimen A. This single track runs at a blistering pace, ripping through your sound system at 100mph while maintaining a positive message throughout. Low end combined with a nasty mid range chainsaw bass delivers the intended result which will have rings upon rings appearing in your plastic cup full of Red Stripe in the near future..

People have recently been talking about the return of Y2K jump up and this one certainly contains a ton of elements from that era. Maybe this could mean Gorilla Warfare are leading the way for a revolution?

If you’re short on your luck right now, stick this on and embrace the vibe. We got this!

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Artists: Deekline & Specimen A

Release Date: Out Now!

Catalogue Number: GW013

Label: Gorilla Warfare

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

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