Deekline, Specimen A Feat. Deemas J - Run The Dancehall

Deekline, Specimen A link up with veteran vocalist Deemas J for their single sided release ‘Run The Dancehall’. Another slice of feel good vibes from Jungle Cakes which is guaranteed to prompt a raise of a lighter or two in the air when it’s dropped.

Crunchy organ riffs kick off the intro alongside Deekline’s signature snare led breakbeats and Deemas’ singalong vocal licks. If you’re thinking it’s then dropping into something of a one note bassline affair then think again as both Deekline and Specimen have laid down an array of low end flair for this one. Bouncy, high energy structure comes in abundance and with no let up throughout, it’s a track you can certainly play in a set for more than 30 seconds.

This isn’t the only time you will hear those silky smooth vocals from Deemas J either as he’s already put down some vocals for Benny V and K-Warren for their forthcoming track ‘Apache Scat’.

Boomin’ in ya Jeep

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Artists: Deekline & Specimen A

Vocals: Deemas J

Release Date: Out Now!

Catalogue Number: JC098

Label: Jungle Cakes

Press Release: Dubplate Creative