Deekline, Brian Brainstorm & Specimen A - Kill That Sound

Jungle Cakes come correct with a killer line up for release 109. Deekline is joined by Brian Brainstorm, Specimen A, Sweetie Irie. B-Live, Irah and Killa P who link up in force for ‘Kill That Sound’. Tough as they come, this one comes with a positive message which is certainly brutally delivered. You may also notice reference to Brian’s first Jungle Cakes release in this track, trainspotting crew hold tight.

Dread influenced crashing Amen breaks are in abundance here and only add to the utter devastation this track causes and if you like your bassline full of sub rather than a batch of disguised midrange, you're in for a treat here. Sweetie Irie and Killa P draw for their soundsystem roots and deliver one hell of an emotional performance that would best be described as roughneck. B-Live drops lyrical warfare as expected, switching into halftime before passing the microphone to Irah for more ferocious bars. Not one for the charts or commercial airplay, this one is for the sweaty basements, abandoned warehouses and everything else youwould associate with the real rave scene.

Murdaration business.

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Artists: Deekline, Brian Brainstorm & Specimen A

Vocals: Sweetie Irie, Killa P, B-Live, Irah & Killa P

Release Date: OUT NOW!

Catalogue Number: JC105Single3

Label: Jungle Cakes

Press Release: Dubplate Creative