Decrypt - All I Want EP

Nicky Blackmarket celebrates 40 digital releases from his Kartoons label by way of the ‘All I Want’ EP by Decrypt. As a man who has always celebrated new styles, up and coming talent and risk taking, it’s no surprise that this milestone in catalogue numbers supports a relatively unheard of producer.

You want some new wave jump up in your ears? This one is certainly going to hit the spot! Vocals from Joanna Marshall link up on ‘All I Want’ and ‘Heartbeat’ providing a full on summer anthem affair and tough as old boots basslines. ‘Let’s Get It’ may well remind you of old arcade machines with it’s 8 bit style low frequencies, heck it’s even got some mid 90’s kinda breakbeats chucked in for good measure! ‘Unbeatable’ ramps up to boss level 10 with short and stabby beats and bass that will have you 1 foot skanking all over the gaff.

Come raise a lighter (or tea cup) in the air for Kartoons 40th digital release.

Press: Dubplate Creative

Release Date: 1st August 2022


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