Conrad Subs - Ravers Choice EP

Work rate, work rate, work rate. That's pretty much all that needs to be said in relation to Conrad Subs for 2019. This latest offering from Deep In The Jungle Records is a fine example of upfront jungle with a nice nod to '94 and who better to take you deep into his stash of breakbeats than Conrad Subs and his old mate DJ Hybrid.

'Rinse It' is a bloody fantastic mix of the above and it's lower than sub range bassline rips through your homemade MDF speaker boxes in an instant. Recognisable vocal hooks will stay with you for days so be careful you don't leave this on repeat as hours can pass very quickly..

You may assume that the title track 'Ravers Choice' is paying respect to DJ Vibes and his classic hardcore tune - you're sadly mistaken although turn that white gloved frown upside down as this is a tearing slab of jungle mayhem. Some could have even envisaged it being on the flip of Slipmatt's 'Breaking Free' but that's a story for another day. Someone invent a time machine!

'Rough Beats' screams Da Lick, Urban Takeover, Joker Records and Lowkey all at once and I've been saying for AGES that this style of jump up needs a comeback. Heck, even that snare roll perfected by Aphrodite makes a glorious appearance! Release this on vinyl please.

'Through My Eyes' is certainly vocal driven and layered continuously with various breakbeats and switches that Conrad Subs is already very well known for. Both 'Imperial Roots' and 'Sound Fi Dead' are welcome additions to the package but fall slightly short of shining through.

A top notch production from Conrad Subs (and DJ Hybrid). Well worthy of an additional to your virtual crates. BANGING.


Release date: 06th December 2019


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