Club Sidewinder - 02nd June 2002

Before we get into this, you must click the link below and stick on this wicked set from Slimzee featuring MC Viper. It's pure, unfiltered UK garage with no commercial nonsense and sums up the Sidewinder vibe perfectly.

Sidewinder was certainly a big deal for UK garage and in some respects mimicked the popularity of big jungle and drum and bass events of the time. They promoted many an event at The Sanctuary, Milton Keynes and are still running to this day.

People always love to talk about "garage is coming back" but in all seriousness, vibes and music like this will never be 'coming back'. You just can't recreate it. Sure, start a new movement with new beats and even new people if you wish, just make sure the education of the past is never forgotten.

This tape pack contained some monster sets from garage pioneers plus a few choice DJs representing jungle and drum and bass.


MJ Cole

Mikee B


Martin 'Liberty' Larner


James 'Dusk' Campbell

Sidewinder Click

Pay As You Go

Emma Feline



Nicky Blackmarket

We obviously have a lot of respect for Juiceman (see Jamie's previous interview with him via Drum&BassArena) and this set alongside Principal is nothing but 100 degree heat. Masters at work!

Check the full playlist for Club Sidewinder below.

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