Charlie Hedges & Eddie Craig - No Good For Me (Dope Ammo Remix)

Charlie Hedges & Eddie Craig? More like The Prodigy right? Some might even remember this version of the tune featuring pops answer to grime.

2020 seems to be all about pitching up (or down) vocals from popular dance classics, releasing them with full credits or, in some cases, no credits whatsoever (big up Suburban Base for having to deal with that drama!).

If you look back a few years to the tropical house boom, this certainly isn't something new in the slightest although it's now flooded into the mainstream with a lots more radio airplay. Some might even say that tropical house as a genre never really left the guard of non commercial clubs? Check out Section 23's playlist of wicked mixes if that's your thing.

Regarding of this and all the politics that surround rip off tunes let's be honest, we have all been sampling each other for many years!

Dope Ammo has put together a commercial drum and bass remix of the above using his trademark spacey pads, floaty breakbeats and household production. He is, in some respects, the king of making things ready for all of the family and is criminally overlooked in the drum and bass scene.

If you can remember the days where mainstream hits came with a string of official remixes from house, jungle and techno producers, all paid for by major labels, then keep your fingers crossed that we can get back to that and put Dope Ammo's sublime production into more ears at home.

2 solid versions of his remix, the above and a radio edit. Release date coming soon..



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