Busta Rhymes - Woo-Hah!! (Origin Unknown Remix)

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Andrew Clarke (Andy C) and Ant Miles aka Origin Unknown were responsible for many great drum and bass tracks including 'Valley of the Shadows', 'Truly One' and 'Lunar Bass'. Their sound was certainly well known across record shops and dance floors alike and you will no doubt still hear various tunes from their back catalogue being double dropped in upfront and classic sets alike.

Question is, has this official Busta Rhymes remix gone under your musical radar? Probably not if you were raving in the 90's as everyone was supporting it, however, that was sadly a long time ago!

You can pick up a vinyl copy for under a tenner still if you're lucky, failing that, the CD is still really cheap! If you fancy an alternative, this dodgy bootleg may be up your street.

DJ SS under his LE1 1FB alias also tried his hands (albeit unofficially) at using the vocals samples and unsurprisingly, made a great jump up tune typical of late 1996. It's called 'Step Correct' and was released via 5HQ. If you remember this one from way back when, it's almost as if you can still hear Bassman and Trigga over it..

Who could forget the official video which went with the original release? Pure energy from start to finish!


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