Benny V & K-Warren - Real Junglists EP

Jungle Cakes embrace a full squad of veterans with their latest release. Benny V (of Souped Up fame), K-Warren, Ragga Twins AND Fearless come together to celebrate everything jungle in this tidy package of vibes and lyrics.

Both Benny and K-Warren are certainly no strangers to the true meaning of what it takes to be a junglist, especially as they have both lived and breathed the scene since this birth of acid house.

Add the lyrical flavour of underground champions - The Ragga Twins AND long time microphone hype man Fearless and it's pretty much a done deal. The amount of history shared between this crew is nothing short of legendary.

'Real Junglists' featuring The Ragga Twins has a proper 2005 feel to it with its warping basslines and hop, skip and jump breakbeats. Lashes of enthusiastic reggaeton keys maintain excitement and with any good MC driven tune, the lyrics don't disappoint. Certainly one that will be on the tip of your tongue for many months to come.

Fearless comes correct with his ancient but legendary vocals on, yes you guessed it.. 'Boom Selecta'. Anyone that's been to any type of event over the last 20 years will be able to recreate the driving lyrics to this track in an instant and in some respects, this is exactly what sells this track. It's instantly recognisable and with Fearless being a well respected household name to many, Benny V knew exactly what he was doing here.

It's certainly a good look to see some of the unspoken hero's of the scene coming correct with the lick, big up Benny V and K-Warren.

One for the party crew!


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