Benny V & DJ Uniques - Kung Fu EP

Updated: Jan 19

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Long term friend of the label Benny V links up with DJ Uniques, Supersuit and Aboudy for the ‘Kung Fu’ EP. Now that’s not to say Benny has taken up practicing roundhouse kicks and creating fire from his hands, that would just be silly, especially as the heat would have melted the mixing desk by now! What we do have here though is a bundle of upfront jump up with a splash of 90’s flavour, well in for Nicky Blackmarket’s Kartoons label.

Title track ‘Kung Fu’ features vocals from Aboudy which slot in perfectly with Benny V and DJ Uniques fun loving basslines and snappy breakbeats. It’s one of those tracks that will keep you entertained on and off the dance floor and the sneaky FX used will no doubt keep arcade addicts happy. DJ Profile adds a special remix for the EP, lacing his own style and pattern all over it with a totally different lead melody whilst retaining feels of the original.

What makes a ‘Tru Londoner’ in 2022? Well who better to ask than Benny V? This man lives and breathes the capital of the UK and at times, he’s even been known to wear one of those ‘I heart LND’ fitted t-shirts. Singalong low end eases the gap between rolling breaks, it’s even got a special switch to another octave - early 2000’s business!

Wrapping up cod and chips in old newspapers has never been more suitable when mentioning ‘Fake News’ so of course we end the EP with this one. More Benny V and DJ Uniques trademark bass riffs and some vocal stabs from Aboudy make this a great “and finally” moment.

“The junglists came after drum & bass” You heard it here first.

Artists: Benny V, DJ Uniques, Supersuit & Aboudy

Catalogue Number: KARDIGI038

Release Date: 28th January 2022

Label: Kartoons

Press Release: Dubplate Creative